Akiles Diamond 1 Manual Corner Rounding Equipment

Diamond - 1

Corner Rounder

The Strongest and most efficient manual corner rounding equipment in its class.


• Carefully crafted with only the highest quality components.
• Work with all standard materials, like: PVC, polyester, leather, paper, polypropylene, etc.
• Have high productivity: Specially designed to cut through multiple sheets at a time with the least effort and with minimum die depreciation.
• Are practical: With an interchangeable die system for your various jobs.
• Are ideal for rounding covers, pouches, pictures, all types of IDs, invitations, postcards, etc.

Operation Manual
Maximum Capacity 0.4"
Available Dies 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 45 degree (Straight), half-moon
Waste Bucket Included
Included Dies 1/4"

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