Triumph 0105 U


41 1/4" Rotary Trimmer

Ergonomic safety cutting head with self-sharpening, hardened steel rotary blade. Stainless steel counter blade. Precision cross bar. Slotted side brackets for cutting oversized formats. Transparent bar clamp with automatic clamping action. Anodized aluminum cutting table. Dual measurement scales on cutting table. Side brackets constructed of sturdy, impact-resistant ABS plastic. Mounted on sturdy metal stand with collection tray and non-slip rubber feet.

Cutting width, inches 41 1/4"
Cutting Height, inches 1/32*
Table size (D x W), inches 11 x 41 1/4
Dimensions (D x W x H), inches 15 x 51 x 38
Shipping weight, pounds 46
*may vary due to variations in paper  

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