Dahle PaperSAFE 22312

Deskside Paper Shredder

Looking for the most convenient way to destroy confidential information? The PaperSAFE® 22312 shredder by Dahle is oil-free, maintenance free, and remarkably hassle-free. It offers best-in-class features and noise reduction to support a productive work environment.

Oil-Free Shredding

Wondering when your shredder was last oiled is no longer a concern. Through clever engineering, this machine maintains peak performance without oil. This PaperSAFE® shredder is not only convenient to use and economical to maintain, but also easier on the environment.

Whisper Quiet

Having a quiet work space is critical for productivity. This shredder features Whisper Quiet operation that produces the lowest decibel levels in its class. It's perfect for shredding in a quiet office and not disturbing others nearby or on the phone.

Jam Protection

Fewer things are more frustrating than a paper jam. With built-in jam protection, this shredder prevents those annoyances. If sheet capacity is exceeded, the motor automatically stops and reverses to push the paper back out. This prevents a jam and makes it easy to re-feed fewer sheets.


Additional features such as locking casters, automatic on/off operation and energy saving standby mode make this shredder convenient to use, easy to maintain, and environmentally friendly.


Oil Free / Hassle Free Shredding

  • Maintains performance without maintenance
  • Environmentally Friendly

Whisper Quiet Operation

  • Less noise & prevents interruptions

Built-in Jam Protection

  • Eliminates frustrating paper jams
  • No shredder down time
  • Prevents damage to shredder

Large, Powerful Motor

  • Prevents overheating & increases durability

Convenience Features

  • Automatic on/off convenience
  • Bin-full automatic shutoff
  • Energy saving standby mode
  • Shreds CDs, CCs, paper clips, & staples
Feed Width 8.75"
Sheet Capacity 15-17
Waste Volume 7 gal.
Particle Size 3/16" x 1 7/16" Cross Cut
Particle Size (media) 1.5" Strips
Security Level P-4
Oil Freee Yes
Decibel Level 53 dB
Speed 9 f/min.
Dimensions 11" x 14.25" x 21"
Warranty 1 year shredder / 5 years cylinders

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