Formax Greenwave Cardboard Perforater

Greenwave 430

Cardboard Perforator

The Greenwave 430 Cardboard Perforator has the solution to help you transition away from single-use plastic and foam packing materials. This freestanding unit features heavy-duty casters allowing it to be moved easily from place to place.

Operation is easy: choose the finished size of the packing materials, adjust the cutting guide, press start, and insert cardboard. The Greenwave 430 perforates the cardboard and trims the excess simultaneously. The trimmed piece can also be perforated, producing zero waste. The result is flexible, shock-absorbing netting which is easy to wrap around objects to provide protective cushioning during shipment. The perforated cardboard also ideal to fill spaces between the box and the product.

The Greenwave 430 perforates cardboard at up to 40 feet per minute, up to 16.9” wide, and up to .79” thick. It can reduce the cost of purchasing shipping materials and waste hauling, while upgrading packaging material to a high-quality, sustainable alternative to foam peanuts, Styrofoam blocks or bubble wrap. It’s essentially producing free packaging material, and can promote a sustainable image to customers.

Standard features include an all-metal cabinet, heavy-duty solid steel blades, rugged metal gearing, an easy-to-use measuring scale, and a molded plastic waste bin for collecting particles.

Stop throwing away money with your cardboard. Perforate it with the Greenwave 430 and put it to work for you!

  • Perforates & trims in one pass
  • Creates eco-friendly packing materials
  • Mobile unit on casters
  • Simple push-button operation
  • Up to 40 fpm
  • Trims to exact size needed
Perforating Speed Up to 40 ft. per minute
Maximum Perforating Width Up to 16.9"
Maximum Input Thickness Up to .79"
Dimensions 24.8"W x 22.4"D x 38.1"H
Bin Capacity 28 gallons
Weight 271 lbs.
Motor 1 HP
Power Supply 115V, 60Hz
Product Literature (PDF): PDF icon Greenwave 430.pdf

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