Akiles Wiremac-EX Product Demo

WireMac-EX Series

All-In-One Electric Wire Punch and Manual Wire Closer

With it’s heavy-duty punch motor, built-in wire closer and complete system of functions, the Akiles WireMac-EX makes wire binding fast, easy, convenient and professional.

Available in two models:



3:1 Pitch 2:1 Pitch
Electric Punch / Manual Wire Closer
Punch Capacity - Up to 25 sheets of 20lb. paper
Binding Capacity: 3/16" to 1 1/4"
14″ with open throat for longer documents
Hole Size: Square (4 x 4 mm) Hole Size: Rectangle (4 x 5.5 mm)
All 40 Pins Pins Disengageable All 27 Punch Pins Disengageable
Dimensions: 55 lbs / 19″ W x 16″ D x 17.5″ H
1 Year Warranty


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