James Burn DocuPunch PLUS

Automatic Paper Punch

The James Burn DocuPunch® PLUS is the latest generation automatic punch from the James Burn line. As easy to use as an office photocopier, this versatile, ergonomically designed time-saver offers hands-free punching of pre-collated books, presentations, reports and even tabbed sheets in a free-standing unit that makes quick, light work of your diverse punching needs.

Designed with the “Print On-Demand” market in mind, setup is simple and is done in less than a minute and die changes only take seconds! Just load the paper, push the start button and walk away. The hands free operation allows your operator to perform other tasks while the punch does the work.

The DocuPunch® has been designed for accurate mid-volume automatic punching on demand, punching preprinted collated documents directly from your copier or printer including mixed stocks from 16 lb. bond to 110 lb. index. It features a top of pile, positive sheet pickup and 3-sided jogging into the die for accurate punching registration and perfect holes every time. The punched sheets are kept in perfect pre-collated order and it will also punch index tabs that have a ¼” inset on the ends and are pre-collated into the finished sets.

The DocuPunch® PLUS has a digital touch pad control that is icon based for simple operation. The DocuPunch® has 3 cycle speeds of 50, 60 or 75 cycles per minute and also an adjustable pick thickness from 0.4 to 1.0 mm. These allow the machine to maximize production and offer trouble free operation on a wide range of paper stocks and can be adjusted while the machine is in operation from the touch screen. The LCD controls will also alert the operator when the die needs to be lubricated or sharpened and when the chip bin is full.

There is a wide assortment of die patterns available and the DocuPunch® PLUS offers super-fast changeover times.

Dies Include:

  • Plastic Comb
  • Wire-O® wire
  • Three Hole
  • Spiral Plastic Coil
  • and more!
  • Custom dies are also available!!

With an incredibly small footprint and heavy-duty casters, the DocuPunch® PLUS is assured to fit even in the tightest of space requirements and can be moved around the shop to be located where it is needed. It is a document finishing solution that is perfect for central reproduction departments and digital on-demand printers where efficiency and productivity are a must.


  • Speeds of up to 76,500 sheets per hour with clean, perfect holes for finishing.
  • Adjustable pick thickness from 0.4 to 1.0 mm, to maximize production and offer trouble free operation on a wide range of paper stocks.
  • Digital LCD touch pad control that is icon based for simple operation.
  • Punches a wide variety of paper stocks, covers, and even tabbed sheets in sizes from 5.5" x 5.5" up to 13" x 12" kept in perfect pre-collated order.
  • Easy-to-Use hands-free operation allows you to simply load the tray, push a button and walk away. No special training or personnel required.
  • Positive sheet pickup with beak and 3-sided jogger for perfect punching registration.
  • Allows all operations, including punch die changes, to be performed quickly and easily from the front of the machine. Incorporates integral storage space for three tools.
  • A wide choice of round and square-hole punching dies including: Wire-O® wire; Plastic Coil; Plastic Comb; VeloBind®; 2, 3 & 4-ring binder; etc.
  • Safety & Auto-Stop - Built-in facilities to help avoid paper jams and increase safety.
  • Its compact size benefits from a very small footprint without compromising on power and quality.
  • Lockable caster wheels allow quick and easy machine placement
Product Literature (PDF): DocuPunch-Plus.pdf