Pre-Printed Avery Legal Index Tab Dividers

“Your complete source for document binding needs.”
McIntire’s in stock inventory is the answer to your organizational needs. These rugged tabs are perfect for organizing briefs, depositions, closings or any important reference documents.

In stock side tabs:

  • Individual Tabs from 1 to 99, A to Z, Table of Contents and Index.
  • Collated sets from 1 to 25 all the way up to 201 to 225 and letters A to Z.
  • Blanks also available.

Non stock tabs:

  • Special Exhibit tabs from Exhibit A to Exhibit Z and Exhibit 1 to Exhibit 60
  • Legal (11”x14”) size tabs to 500
  • Bottom Exhibit tabs from 1 to Exhibit 25, Exhibit A to Exhibit Z and Table of Contents

*10 pack minimum required in non-stock tabs.

Individual Exhibit Letter and Number Tabs
Index tabs make it easy for readers to sort through the information they are reading. Stock index tabs make it easy for you to stay within your budget. It’s the perfect compromise between utility and economy. The tabs are recycled (30% post consumer) AND are FSC certified an 80# white offset stock that has the perfect brightness, smoothness and stiffness to enhance your image. The tabs measure 11″ x 8.5 ” + .5″ tab (11″ x 9″ overall).  You can choose from individual exhibit letter tabs or individual exhibit number tabs.  These tabs come in packs of 25/26 tabs.

Custom Printed Tab Dividers are also available.  Please call for details or pricing.