Desktop Air Jogger with Anti-Static Ionizer Technology

Paper handling equipment is greatly affected by paper temperature and room humidity. Equipment operators are usually instructed to let laser printed documents cool down before processing. The Paitec USA Laser 3200 Air Jogger eliminates that waiting period.

The Paitec USA Laser 3200 Air Jogger provides a steady stream of air to cool printed documents and utilizes unique Anion ionization technology to eliminate static build-up between sheets.

With its adjustable speed and large bin capacity, the Paitec USA Laser 3200 Air Jogger handles all weights of paper, cardstock, and envelopes.

  • Designed for the laser printer environment
  • Cools laser printed documents
  • Anion ionizer minimizes static between paper sheets
  • Compact Size.
  • Whisper Quiet Operation.
  • Perfect for preparing documents for folders, folders/inserters, and pressure sealers
  • Large Jogging Bin golds up to 2 reams of paper
  • Four Air Stream Slots provide constant flow for cooling documents
  • Powerful 3,000 RPM Motor quickly jogs documents
  • Shock Absorbing Feet minimize noise and vibration
  • Convenient On/Off Foot Pedal and Adjustable Vibration Speed Control


Speed 3,000 RPM Motor with Variable Speed
Capacity Holds up to Two Reams of 11" x 17" Paper
Size Small 22" x 18" Footprint
Weight Easily Portable. Weighs only 28 pounds
Electrical 115 - 230 Switchable Voltage. 2 Amps

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